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EvoPost: Where Sound Comes to Life

Evo Post is a premier audio post-production studio that offers professional and reliable remote recording services. We specialize in sound design, audio editing, mixing, and mastering for all types of projects. Our goal is to give our clients worldwide the highest quality audio post-production services, with the convenience of remote recording.

Cannes Lions trophies won by us

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Evo Post is renowned for establishing the highest benchmarks in audio post quality, regardless of the language, providing unparalleled personalized service to our global clientele.  We offer a full range of studio pre-production and production services.

Voice Over Recording

Remote or in person

Voice Over Casting

Personalized or Demo based

Mixing Stereo & 5.1

Mastered to any format and specification


Original & Licensing

Sound Design

Video and radio platforms

Remote Connections

Source Connect, Zoom, Teams

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